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David Haberthür

The pages shown here used to be my homepage at the Institute of Anatomy at the University of Bern. After an upgrade to the newest DokuWiki the page couldn't be supported there anymore. Thus it's now living here.

On this site you can find information about me and also my curriculum vitae if you'd like.

I enjoy showing my work at conferences and meetings. For this I submit abstracts, which lead to talks I give and posters I present. Ultimately all this work also leads to publications.

You can find all the relevant information on this wiki in the sidebar on the left. I've recorded some notes at several conferences, have written a bunch of manuals. For all those manuals (and most of my other work) I'm using \LaTeX, which also made me to collet some tips and tricks here. Other manuals started in TeX and are now converted to pages on this wiki.

I used to work as a PostDoc at the Institute of Anatomy. In our group we're studying lung development using ultrahigh resolution tomographic imaging. For this I've developed a bag of ImageProcessing tools and tricks with MeVisLab, ImageMagick and ImageJ.

Now I'm working as a PostDoc at the Paul Scherrer Institute at the TOMCAT beamline. I'm responsible for industry contacts, so if you need to perform a high resolution tomographic scan of pretty much anything, contact me.