Submitted abstracts for conferences and meetings. *My* submitted abstracts are archived here or reside on this page until they have been either shown as a poster or I have given the talk. Abstracts where I've been part of the team or have not been presented in the end remain listed here for book-keeping reasons.

Micro-alveolar ducts – a novel kind of pulmonary airways appearing late during alveolarization

Airspace diameter map - a quantitative measurement of all pulmonary airspace to characterize structural lung diseases

What's diet got to do with it? Analysis ofcraniofacial evolution in Lake Victoria cichlids

  • Kassandra Lee Ford, L Patricia Hernandez, Pooja Singh, Mikki Law, David Haberthür, Ruslan Hlushchuk, Kory Evans, Ole Seehausen
  • ICVM-2023, Cairns, Australia

Analysis of Craniofacial Evolution in Lake Victoria Cichlids based on CT-scans

  • Kassandra Ford, Patricia Hernandez, Pooja Singh, Mikki Law, David Haberthür, Ruslan Hlushchuk, Kory Evans, Ole Seehausen
  • SICB 2023 , Austin, Texas, USA.

The effects of irradiation on the noble gases in matrix of Allende (CV) meteorite

Synchrotron microbeams for the treatment of lung cancer: A lesson from the first preclinical trial

  • Verdiana Trappetti, Cristian Fernandez-Palomo, Lloyd Smyth, Mitzi Klein, David Haberthür, Duncan Butler, Micah Barnes, Nahoko Shintani, Michael de Veer, Jean A. Laissue, Marie C. Vozenin, Valentin Djonov
  • FRTP 2021, Vienna, Austria

Timing and environment of chondrule formation

Repression of wilm’s tumor protein 1 is required to promote myocardial fate

  • Ines J. Marques, Alexander Ernst, Tanja Hetke, Prateek Arora, Andres Sanz, Javier Langa, Adolfo Odriozola, Benôit Zuber, David Haberthür, Ruslan Hlushchuk, Carlos Torroja, Uta Naumann, Christoph Englert, Nadia Mercader

Improving the Technique of a Heterotopic Vascularized Composite Hindlimb Allotransplantation in the Pig

  • Stefanie Hirsiger, Ioana Lese, Isabel Arenas Hoyos, Nicoletta Sorvillo, Cedric Zubler, David Haberthür, Ruslan Hlushchuk, Yara Banz, Ana Leban, Hendrik von Tengg-Kobligk, Mihai Constantinescu, Esther Vögelin, Robert Rieben, Radu Olariu

The first pre-clinical study employing Synchrotron Microbeam Radiotherapy for the treatmend of lung carcinoma

First pre-clinical study for lung carcinoma employing Synchrotron Microbeam Radiotherapy at the Australian Synchrotron

Wilms’ tumor 1 gene overexpression changes the heart size of zebrafish

Assessment of Osteo-/Angiogenesis in Minipig Mandibula by MicroangioCT with µAngiofil

Synchrotron Microbeam Radiation Therapy and Gold nanoparticles: a combined preclinical treatment in a mouse melanoma model.

Ex vivo microangioCT: correlative and quantitative imaging approach in preclinical cardiovascular research.

Quantitative Assessment of Brain Tumor Radiation Treatment Reveals Decrease in Tumor-supporting Vessels

High Resolution Imaging and Morphometry of Vascular Remodeling in a Murine Model of Non-Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension by Micro-Computed Tomography

An Increase in The Fractal Dimension of The Pulmonary Acini Is an Indication for their Non-uniform Development


Estimation Of The Number Of Acini During Postnatal Rat Lung Development