misc Notes for PSI

rename multiple files

rename R243b10_0 R243b10_mrg0 R243b10_0???.tif
rename R243b10_1 R243b10_mrg1 R243b10_1???.tif
rename R243b10_2 R243b10_mrg2 R243b10_2???.tif
rename R243b10_3 R243b10_mrg3 R243b10_3???.tif
rename R243b10_4 R243b10_mrg4 R243b10_4???.tif


rename R243b10_ R243b10_mrg R243b10_???.tif

does not work when more than 1000 files (or so) are to be renamed.

Camserver restart

rdesktop pc6189 -g 1250x950 -a 16

oder mit

alias | grep CCD

rausfinden, welcher PC momentan grad zustaendig ist…

Reset Camera

  • Start CamWare and take any picture (snap shot or movie)
  • Close CamWare
  • Start Image-Pro Plus
  • Start Camera Server FIFO

Image-Pro Plus

  • Camera control → Exposure, binning, etc.
  • Histogram (Histogram of image, directly linked to a particular image)
  • Flat: 40'000 - 50'000 counts.
  • Arithmetic and logical operations → divide image by flat → min. 2000 - 3000 counts in new images. If not → higher energy!!
  • Enhance - Display range: Gives histogram of current image and defines display range. May be use constantly.