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 +====== Import ISQ files to other Systems ======
 +Once you've [[remote_access#​ftpgetting_the_data_off_the_u40|copied]] the .ISQ-files from the ┬ÁCT onto your computer, you can import those files into [[http://​rsbweb.nih.gov/​ij/​|ImageJ]] with the use of two different plugins.
 +Below are two ways to import ISQ files 
 +===== The Scanco Way =====
 +Andres Laib from SCANCO once sent me a bunch of ImageJ Plugins which can be used to read ISQ files. They are all contained in {{microct:​ISQtoImageJ.zip|this zip file}} (10 kB).
 +{{  :​microct:​installplugin.png?​200|}}To install, copy the .class-files from this archive to the "​plugins"​ folder of ImageJ, then choose "​Plugins -> Shortcuts -> Install Plugin"​ to install the plugin into the Plugins Menu (see image on the right). ​
 +{{  :​microct:​imagejcommand.png?​150|}}In the following dialog choose the plugin you want to install (Import_ISQ),​ put it into the Import Menu and set the command to "​Import ISQ" (as shown in the image to the right).
 +After successful installation of the plugin, you can use it by choosing: P"​lugins -> Import ISQ".
 +If the ISQ file you want to read is too large for your current ImageJ install, increase its memory under "Edit -> Options -> Memory & Threads"​ (or use [[http://​pacific.mpi-cbg.de|Fiji]]).
 +===== Karl-Heinz Kunzelmann Way =====
 +Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Kunzelmann has also written a nice ImageJ Plugin to import ISQ files. Find all the details on this plugin on [[http://​www.dent.med.uni-muenchen.de/​~kkunzelm/​exponent-0.96.3/​index.php?​section=49|his website]]. I actually prefer this one to "the SCANCO way", since Mr. Kunzelmanns plugin also plays nicely with the brightness of the imported ISQ files.
 +The plugin files are mirrored here: {{:​microct:​khks_microct.zip|}}. Fully copyright to and property of [[http://​kunzelmann.de|Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Kunzelmann]].
 +{{  :​microct:​khk_import.png?​200|}}After copying the files to to the plugin folder of ImageJ, you'll find the ISQ import under "File -> Import -> KHKs Scanco microCT ISQ FileReader"​ (see image to the right). ​