Wednesday Morning - Scanning Probe Microscopies

Wednesday Noon - Image Analysis Software Workshop

Titles are linked to packages!

  • Fiji is just ImageJ - batteries included
  • All necessary plugins already installed
  • Segmentation
  • Great for Registration (2D images)
  • EM Tomography Toolbox for Titan & Tecnai
  • also standalone software for alignment and reconstruction, so useable without a microscope
  • combine multiple microscopic stacks into large field of view -> stitching
  • works "only" on 3D-stack!
  • blazing speed
  • fast visualization and inspection
  • segmentation
  • special editor for filament structures
  • skeletonization with visualization of Nodes and Segments
  • can load huge images

Wednesday Afternoon - High resolution TEM and AFM

  • Membrane Proteins
  • IPLT -> image processing library for 2D protein cristallography
  • Atomic resolution for gold particles
  • Gold nanoparticles can be shown as really nice balls, but doesn't seem to make sense, resolution not "good" enough in relation to size of nanoparticles.