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The staff of the Institute of Anatomy can access full resolution exports of all my talks on the network share U: → EinzelUser → Haberthuer_David → Vortraege.

Other people can contact me for high resolutions slides out of my talks.

Das Mega-Mikroskop für Mini-Lungen

Während der postnatalen Lungenentwicklung wachsen die peripheren Lungenacini nicht proportional zum Lungenvolumen

  • Tag der Anatomie 2011, Institut für Anatomie, Universität Bern

The Mean Acinar Volume Shows a Much Lager Increase than the Total Lung Volume

  • USGEB Meeting 2011, Zurich «Imaging Life», University of Zürich Irchel, Zürich, Switzerland
    • January 27, 2011
    • Symposium H: Exploring Biological Matter by Different Imaging Modalities
    • The data has also been shown as a Poster at the same meeting. The poster can be found here.
  • 26881

Thin Septa and Large Samples

  • Scientific Meeting at Novartis
  • 26803

High resolution tomographic imaging of the alveolar region of the mammalian lung

Small pixels for large samples

A high-resolution three-dimensional view of the developing acinus

Quality Guided Synchrotron Radiation Based X-Ray Tomographic Microscopy of Large Lung Samples

A high-resolution three-dimensional view of the developing acinus


Kleine Pixel, grosse Samples

Quality guided wide field x-raytomographic imaging

3D-Darstellung des terminalen Bronchialbaums

High Resolution Three Dimensional Lung Reconstruction by Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Tomographic Microscopy

Overview of my work

  • Meeting with Akira Tsuda
    • November 2006, Paul Scherrer Institut

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