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  • born in 1976 in switzerland
  • lived in italy for my first 6 years
  • grew up in münsingen and bern
  • school education in switzerland, from primary to secondary to high-school
  • high-school education at the gymnasium köniz, nowadays köniz-lerbermatt, matura with socalled mathematical emphasis
  • master of science in physics in 2002 at the institute of applied physics, university of bern
  • one semester abroad in glasgow, at the university of strathclyde
  • worked as a bike messenger, organized the SUICMC04, won the SUICMC07
  • substitute teacher at the gymnasium köniz for one term (for my old physics teacher!)
  • PhD and now PostDoc at the institute of anatomy, university of bern in the group of Johannes C. Schittny


  • sports, like swimming, frisbee, skiing and biking
  • cooking
  • sharing data and open-source stuff
  • the inter-web
  • apple-stuff


other stuff