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 +====== General Tips & Tricks ======
 +===== Extract All Images from a pdf =====
 +Install [[http://​www.foolabs.com/​xpdf/​download.html|Xpdf]] for your system. For windows, you can find a the download here ftp://​ftp.foolabs.com/​pub/​xpdf/​xpdf-3.02pl4-win32.zip ​
 +Copy the files to a directory of your choice and add the commands to your PATH.
 +Open the command line and enter 
 +  pdfimages input.pdf output
 +This will extract ALL images from input.pdf and save them in as PPM files output-001.ppm,​ outpu-002.ppm,​ etc. PPM is a highly inefficient format, see [[wp>​Netpbm_format|this wikipedia entry]]), so if you want to have nice files, you can use either
 +  pdfimage -j input.pdf output
 +and get JPEG images, or use ImageMagick and convert the PPM images to PNG with
 +  mogrify -format png output*
 +You can guess for yourself what the command
 +  pdftotext input.pdf output.txt
 +adapted from [[http://​stefaanlippens.net/​extract-images-from-pdf-documents|Stefaan Lippens]]