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-If your financial problems cause blindness?, <a href="http://climate1stop.net/">​buy garcinia cambogia<​/a>, [url="http://climate1stop.net/"]buy garcinia cambogia[/url],  200<href="http://jamballad.com">​garcinia cambogia hca</a>, ​[url="http://jamballad.com"]garcinia cambogia hca[/url],  ​qfkzc, ​+====== David Haberthür ====== 
 +The pages shown here used to be my homepage at the [[http://www.ana.unibe.ch|Institute of Anatomy]] at the [[http://www.unibe.ch|University of Bern]]. After an upgrade to the newest DokuWiki the page couldn'​t be supported there anymore. Thus it's now living here. 
 +On this site you can find information [[aboutme|about me]] and also my [[CV|curriculum vitae]] if you'd like. 
 +I enjoy showing my work at conferences and meetings. For this I submit [[abstracts]],​ which lead to [[talks]] I give and [[posters]] I present. Ultimately all this work also leads to [[publications]]. 
 +You can find all the relevant information on this wiki in the sidebar on the left. I've recorded some [[conferences|notes at several conferences]],​ have written ​bunch of [[manuals]]. For all those manuals (and most of my other work) I'm using \LaTeXwhich also made me to collet some [[latex|tips and tricks here]]. Other [[microct:​usage_manual|manuals]] started in TeX and are now converted to pages on this wiki. 
 +I worked as a PostDoc at the Institute of Anatomy. In [[http://www.ana.unibe.ch/team/​teamdivision_d.jsp?​file=teamdivision&​division=schi|our group]] we were studying lung development using ultrahigh resolution tomographic imaging. 
 +For this I've developed a bag of ImageProcessing tools and tricks with [[ImageProcessing:​MeVisLab]], [[ImageProcessing:​ImageMagick]] and [[ImageProcessing:​ImageJ]]. 
 +After thisI worked as PostDoc at the [[http://psi.ch/|Paul Scherrer Institute]] at the [[http://psi.ch/​sls/​tomcat|TOMCAT]] beamline. 
 +I was responsible for supporting users and worked with industry customers to help them gain high resolution tomographic insights into diverse samples. 
 +Now I'm back at the Institute of Anatomy at the University of Bern. 
 +I'm working in the [[http://​www.anaweb.ch/​ueber_uns/​abteilungen/​index_ger.php?​key=klin#​select|group for clinical anatomy]]. 
 +In our group we have two [[http://​bruker-microct.com/​|Bruker microCT scanners]], which I operate.