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The use of iodine-staining in the micro-computed tomography study of Thiel embalmed human middle ear specimens

  • Sebastian Halm, David Haberthür, Elisabeth Eppler, Valentin Djonov, Andreas Arnold
  • submitted to Hearing Research

The anatomical reliability of the Superficial Circumflex Iliac Artery Perforator (SCIP) Flap

  • Cédric Zubler, David Haberthür, Ruslan Hlushchuk, Valentin Djonov, Mihai Adrian Constantinescu, Radu Olariu
  • submitted to Annals of Antomy

Innovative high-resolution microCT of animal brain vasculature

  • Ruslan Hlushchuk, David Haberthür, Petr Soukup, Sebastien Barré, Oleksiy-Zakhar Khoma, Johannes Schittny, Neda Haghayegh Jahromi, Audrey Bouchet, Britta Engelhardt, Valentin Djonov

Development of vascularized nerve scaffold using perfusion-decellularization and recellularization

  • Tsering Wüthrich, Ioana Lese, David Haberthür, Cédric Zubler, Ruslan Hlushchuk, Ekkehard Hewer, Louis Maistriaux, Pierre Gianello, Benoit Lengele, Robert Rieben, Esther Voegelin, Radu Olariu, Jérôme Duisit, Adriano Taddeo

Pulmonary acini exhibit complex changes during postnatal rat lung development

Reptile-like physiology in Early Jurassic stem-mammals

  • Elis Newham, Pamela Gill, Philippa Brewer, Michael Benton, Vincent Fernandez, Neil Gostling, David Haberthür, Jukka Jernvall, Tuomas Kankanpää, Aki Kallonen, Charles Navarro, Alexandra Pacureanu, Berit Zeller-Plumhoff, Kelly Richards, Kate Robson-Brown, Philipp Schneider, Heikki Suhonen, Paul Tafforeau, Katherine Williams
  • preprint on bioRxiv: doi:10.1101/785360
  • under revision at Nature Communications

Adaptation mechanism of the adult zebrafish respiratory organ to endurance training

The C5a / C5a receptor 1 axis controls tissue neovascularization through CXCL4 release from platelets

  • Henry Nording, Frederic Emschermann, David Haberthür, Matthias Mezger, Johannes Patzelt, Kai Knoep, Anne Nording, Moritz Meusel, Roza Meyer-Saraei, Ruslan Hlushchuk, Daniel Sedding, Oliver Borst, Ingo Eitel, Robert Feil, Bernd Pichler, Emmanouil Chavakis, Triantafyllos Chavakis, Philipp von Hundelshausen, Jörg Köhl, Meinrad Gawaz
  • Under revision in Nature Communications

Direct determination of dissolution rates at crystal surface using 3D X-ray micro-tomography

Ex vivo microangioCT: Advances in microvascular imaging

Synchrotron Microtomography Reveals the Fine Three-Dimensional Porosity of Composite Polysaccharide Aerogels

Correlative Imaging of the Murine Hind Limb Vasculature and Muscle Tissue by MicroCT and Light Microscopy

Synchrotron X-ray computed microtomography study on gas hydrate decomposition in a sedimentary matrix

The total number of acini remains constant throughout postnatal rat lung development

On the path to the digital rock physics of gas hydrate bearing sediments – processing of in-situ synchrotron-tomography data

Microstructural evolution of gas hydrates in sedimentary matrices observed with synchrotron X-ray computed tomographic microscopy

Assessment of the 3D Pore Structure and Individual Components of Pre-Shaped Catalyst Bodies by X-Ray Imaging

Messtechnik und Sensorik am Paul Scherrer Institut

  • Dominic Greiffenberg, David Haberthür, Eberhard H. Lehmann, Jürg Schefer, Niklaus Schlumpf, Bernd Schmitt und Marco Stampanoni
  • Book chapter for Ingenieure bauen die Schweiz, Technikgeschichte aus erster Hand, Band 2
  • ISBN: 9783038239123

Synchrotron-based X-ray tomographic microscopy for visualization of three-dimensional collagen matrices

Efficient estimation of the total number of acini in adult rat lung

In-situ micro-structural studies of gas hydrate formation in sedimentary matrices

Imaging angiogenesis: Perspectives and opportunities in tumour research – A method display

Visualization and stereological characterization of individual rat lung acini by high-resolution X-ray tomographic microscopy

The simultaneous role of an alveolus as flow mixer and flow feeder for the deposition of inhaled submicron particles

Local Strain Distribution in Real Three-Dimensional Alveolar Geometries

High-Resolution Phase-Contrast Imaging of Sub-micron Particles in Unstained Lung Parenchyma

Following Dynamic Processes by X-ray Tomographic Microscopy with Sub-second Temporal Resolution

Radiation dose optimized lateral expansion of the field of view in synchrotron radiation X-ray tomographic microscopy

Deciphering complex, functional structures with synchrotron-based absorption and phase contrast tomographic microscopy

  • M. Stampanoni, J. Reichold, B. Weber, D. Haberthür, J. Schittny, J. Eller, F. N. Büchi and F. Marone
  • Proceedings SPIE 7804

High resolution tomographic imaging of the alveolar region of the mammalian lung

Multimodal imaging for the detection of sub-micron particles in the gas-exchange region of the mammalian lung

Enhanced cathepsin k release from osteoclasts is linked to idiopathic osteoporosis in mice with BK channel ablation

  • Sausbier, M, Dullin, C, Kabagema, C, Flockerzie, K, Haberthür, D, Wessels, J, Alves, F, Schittny, JC, Neuhuber, W, Ruth, P, Sausbier, U
  • 50th Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Experimentelle und Klinische Pharmakologie und Toxikologie

Finite Element 3D Reconstruction of the pulmonary acinus imaged by Synchrotron X-ray tomography

  • Akira Tsuda, Nenad Filipovic, David Haberthür, Renee Dickie, Yasuto Matsui, Johannes C. Schittny
  • Journal of Applied Physiology 105: 964-976, 2008, First published June 26, 2008
  • pdf, 2.3 MB available on request.

Quality guided wide field x-ray tomographic imaging

Bioglass as Bone Substitute

Contact Lenses

Use of Lasers in Medicine: Tissue Soldering and Precise Cutting