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Align Sample


Analog to the other scans, align in the middle of the preview window


  • Top of the Sample Holder to the Bottom of the Camera window (Note Position e.g. as '-7850')
  • Top of the Sample to the Top of the Camera Window, so you have the full sample inside X Camera Windows (Note Position e.g. as '150')

Stacked scan

  • Set Name, Angle (-180:180) and Number of Projections in the ControlPanel
  • Use the Terminal of 'x02da-cons-2' to start the stacked scan with the following command:

/work/sls/bin/stacked_scan.py -t -7850 150 2048 10 1

  • Parameterlist:
    • '-t' just tests all Parameters and doesn't run anything. Use this to double-check the positions in the preview
    • Pos1 (-7850) and Pos2 (150) are the Y-Positions of the Sample at the top and bottom, in MicroMeters
    • '2048' Number of Lines in Projection (in the camera window). A small overlap is built into the script, so you can use the 'real' number
    • '10' Magnification
    • '1' Binning