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 +====== SCANCO MicroCT µCT 40 ======
 +In this namespace you'll find instructions on how to access and use the [[http://​www.scanco.ch/​systems-solutions/​specimen-systems/​uct-40.html|Scanco µCT 40]] at the [[http://​www.dkf.unibe.ch/​|Department of Clinical Research]].
 +Generally, SCANCO has an extensive FAQ on their site. You can access the [[http://​www.scanco.ch/​support/​customer-login/​faq-for-customers.html|FAQ for Customers]] as the User "​users@scanco.ch"​. David or Sebastien know the password for this login.
 +The information below has been collected in addition the FAQ and might be of special relevance to our group.
 +===== Usage Manual =====
 +The usage manual I've written a long time ago is being replaced and moved to this wiki page: [[microct:​Usage Manual]] to keep it more accessible and editable by all users.
 +===== Remote Access =====
 +See the page on [[microct:​remote access]] on how to access the µ40 from remote.
 +==== Work with ISQ images on other systems ====
 +Scanco uses a special image format on the [[wp>​OpenVMS]] system. The easiest way to analyze and work with these files is to [[microct:​remote_access#​ftpgetting_the_data_off_the_u40|use FTP]] to get the .ISQ files to your system and convert them to another format. The page [[microct:​working with ISQ files]] describes in details how to do this.
 +===== Put own images to the µCT  =====
 +Quite a long time ago I wanted to get images from TOMCAT to the µCT for analysis. The way to do that with an arbitrary image stack is described on this page: [[microct:​stack2vms|Stack to VMS]]
 +===== Reservation =====
 +To reserve the µ40, you first need to sign up as a [[https://​www.reservation.dkf.unibe.ch/?​m=neuePersonForm|new user]] on the [[https://​www.reservation.dkf.unibe.ch/​|Research Equipment Manager]] of the DKF. After logging in with a self-chosen password, you can [[https://​www.reservation.dkf.unibe.ch/?​m=devRequest|request access]] to the "​MicroCT40"​. Mark Siegrist can then enable you for reservation to the machine, which makes it possible for you to reserve and plan a free slot on the µ40.