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 +===== Remote Access =====
 +==== SSH: Working on the µ40 from remote ====
 +The machine can be accessed per ssh using
 +  $ anatomie@dkf38-20.dkf.unibe.ch
 +If you're running an X-server (see the [[:​xserver|X Server]]-page for details), you can also start the MicroCT-Command-Window using the command:
 +  $ uct
 +Sometimes the window doesn'​t open (at least on my windows-installation),​ either use the right mouse button on the taskbar to maximize it or use
 +  $ uct_eval
 +in the console to start the evaluation program or
 +  $ uct_3d
 +to start the 3D visualization program of SCANCO.
 +==== FTP: getting the Data off the µ40 ====
 +The fastest variant for accessing and downloading the data-files is FTP.
 +{{  :​microct:​ftp.png?​150|MicroCT access in FileZilla}}
 +To access the MicroCT, use
 +  ftp://​dkf38-20.dkf.unibe.ch
 +as a host name.
 +The username is "​anatomie"​ and the password is the same as for console access.
 +On windows, [[http://​filezilla-project.org/​|FileZilla]] has been shown to be the easiest solution to access the µ40. The only to keep in mind is that---since we have an external disk at the MicroCT---you must switch to this second disk in your FTP-program.
 +For FileZilla, you just enter DISK2 at the front of the server-path (as shown in the image on the right).
 +==== Web Access: access some Data from anywhere ====
 +Go to [[http://​dkf38-20.dkf.unibe.ch/​~anatomie/​|dkf38-20.dkf.unibe.ch/​~anatomie]] and enter the login credentials,​ and you can access most of the data from anywhere.