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 +These are some manuals I've written at the start of my PhD. Most of the stuff has now been ported to its own page on this wiki, so this is mostly here just for archival reasons.
 +====== PSI ======
 +===== My Stuff =====
 +  * WideFieldScanning-Documentation {{manuals:​manual-widefieldscan.pdf|}} -> probably best to go [[psi:​widefieldscan|here]] for current version.
 +  * TOMCAT: {{manuals:​manual-tomcat.pdf|}}
 +  * S4: {{manuals:​manual-psi.pdf|}} (outdated, but still useful for some command line stuff)
 +===== Other Stuff =====
 +  * AbsorptionJ von Federica: {{manuals:​manual-absorption_j.pdf|}}
 +====== SCANCO MicroCT 40 @ DKF ======
 +  * I have written a manual after the introduction we had with A. Laib from Scanco. The manual is no longer available as a downloadable pdf, but has been updated and is now available as a wiki-page [[microCT|here]].