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 +  @Article{Grothausmann2020,
 +    author={Grothausmann, Roman and Labode, Jonas and Hernandez-Cerdan, Pablo and Haberth{\"u}r, David and Hlushchuk, Ruslan and Lobachev, Oleg and Brandenberger, Christina and Gie, Andre George and Salaets, Thomas and Toelen, Jaan and Wagner, Willi L. and M{\"u}hlfeld, Christian},
 +    title={Combination of {\textmu}CT and light microscopy for generation-specific stereological analysis of pulmonary arterial branches: a proof-of-concept study},
 +    journal={Histochemistry and Cell Biology},
 +    year={2020},
 +    month={Dec},
 +    day={02},
 +    issn={1432-119X},
 +    doi={10.1007/s00418-020-01946-x}}