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Submitted abstracts for conferences and meetings. *My* submitted abstracts are archived here or reside on this page until they have been either shown as a poster or I have given the talk. Abstracts where I've been part of the team are simply listed here.

Assessment of Osteo-/Angiogenesis in Minipig Mandibula by MicroangioCT with µAngiofil

  • Rebecca Sandgren, David Haberthür, Nils Warfving, Benjamin Pippenger, Benjamin Bellón, Ruslan Hlushchuk

Synchrotron Microbeam Radiation Therapy and Gold nanoparticles: a combined preclinical treatment in a mouse melanoma model.

Ex vivo microangioCT: correlative and quantitative imaging approach in preclinical cardiovascular research.

Quantitative Assessment of Brain Tumor Radiation Treatment Reveals Decrease in Tumor-supporting Vessels

High Resolution Imaging and Morphometry of Vascular Remodeling in a Murine Model of Non-Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension by Micro-Computed Tomography

An Increase in The Fractal Dimension of The Pulmonary Acini Is an Indication for their Non-uniform Development


Stereological characterization of individual acini using high-resolution x-ray tomographic microscopy

Estimation Of The Number Of Acini During Postnatal Rat Lung Development

The mean acinar volume shows an unproportional growth compared to the total lung volume

  • David Haberthür, Sébastien Barré, Marco Stampanoni, Johannes C. Schittny